Free Statistics

of Irreproducible Research!



The purpose of this project is to facilitate the creation, maintenance, and permanent storage of statistical computation objects that empower authors to publish reproducible and reusable research (in the form of a Compendium) through a series of web services. A Compendium is defined as a document with (open-access) references to (remotely) archived Computations (including Data, Meta-data, and Software) that allow us to reproduce, and reuse the underlying analysis. This implies that there is a complete separation of text and computing. The underlying philosophy is that reproducible and reusable computing leads to better science, and deep learning (as opposed to rote memorization) and supports students to engage in various types of socially constructivist learning activities (such as group discussion, collaboration, and peer review). The use of this system is free of charge for educational and research purposes.

History is closely linked to a project that provides Web-Enabled Scientific Services & Applications with the purpose to make statistical science easily available to anyone. To enable users to easily access statistical science we need to make sure that :

  • statistical software is made available through an open access model, free of charge
  • users do not need to understand the technical aspects of statistical techniques
  • users find it easy to use the software modules, and have the option to use the output in other software
  • users should easily find their way to the appropriate software modules through searches on major search engines
  • advanced users should be able to benefit from extensibility and transparency
  • statistical software can be used for (both) the purpose of scientific research and education

Future Plans

In future we plan development of the following:

  • additional, educational features of the current system
  • support for scientific research
  • support for scientific publishing